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Meet Dr. Nick Araza

I realized at 20 that health was not just something people talk about, it was my FREEDOM.  I realized that because I could no longer exercise like I wanted to; I couldn’t study or concentrate as well; my stress levels skyrocketed; I couldn’t trust my body and my quality of life deteriorated.  Out of desperation I started asking anyone and anybody for ideas on who to talk to for answers.  One of my professors told me I had to visit with her more

"SBFC is a gift to Santa Barbara. The warm and welcoming staff, the family atmosphere, the genuine recognition of what's going on with each patient... make it a place where people can learn how to make their lives thrive. By seeking to move every patient towards optimal health and healing, they set themselves apart from the limited scope of a traditional medical clinic... and instead offer a place where true health journeys begin!"


"When I started, I could only walk about 1/4 mile due to an 11 year old injury that had come back to haunt. I can now walk several miles without pain. It's not just the chiropractic care that he provides. He is also a nutrition and general health coach. He treats you like family and it has been a pleasure working with him on my physical well-being."


"Dr. Nick is a team player in my family's overall wellness. As a mother of three, it's a never-ending challenge to instill healthy behaviors in our teens when the norm is to eat a bag of Cheetohs for lunch. Dr. Nick reinforces the healthy lifestyle that I try to be an example of. Every visit consists of him teaching/challenging the kids to be aware of how their choices affect their health. He pushes all of us just enough to do a little better... We love Dr. Nick. He's family now... like that cool, goofy uncle that always makes everyone laugh."



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That's why we have made it our personal mission to address our client's health concerns while SLOWING, STOPPING or REVERSING the aging process, giving them the FREEDOM and ENERGY to pursue a life well lived! 

How do we do this? We are EDUCATING, ADJUSTING and INSPIRING hundreds of families in Santa Barbara county toward optimal health and vibrancy through natural Chiropractic care, science-based wellness information and community building health care. IN OTHER WORDS, we help you GET well, and teach you how to STAY well.

We do this because we want as many families as possible to live a life free of pain and sickness, to be able to be present and  to have the freedom in their body and with their health to do whatever their heart desires with this gift that we call life!



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